Have a wonderful summer!

Thank you for a wonderful year.  We hope that everyone has a terrific summer.

For the 2022-23 school year, all music class content will be housed in the CTLS platform.  Please be on the watch for more info!.

Mr. G

To finish up there year we are ending with MUSIC BINGO!!!!  Just like regular BINGO! Choose and create 5 in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal).  Once you have chosen your BINGO activities, record them here in flipgrid!  HINT – You can pause the video while you are recording if you need to get ready for your next item.  Remember to have fun!!!

When you’re ready click here to visit FlipGrid and record your answers!

Virtual Recital Stage!

Does your child take private music lessons? Was he/she working on a special piece of music for a recital or contest?
I’ve created a “Virtual Recital Stage” where students can record and share videos of themselves performing these works for each other. Use your student ID and password to log into www.clever.com and visit “Mr. G’s Music Class Page”, look for the “Virtual Recital” link and start recording!
Feel free to email me if you need help!